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      Sunday, October 21, 2018

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Editor Login / SMB PC & AV Rental / Why my SMB Accepts The American Express Card
Monday, December 09, 2013
586 Update by John Beagle,
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Why my SMB Accepts The American Express Card

Since inception in 1987, has  always accepted the American Express card for payment. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, more recently Discover and now PayPal.

We not only accept the American Express Card (AMEX) , we encourage clients to use the American Express Card if they ever ask.

Q: Why would we want to accept a card that has a higher fee than Master Card or Visa?

A: Because of convenience to the client.

We are not here for our own good we are here to serve the client. If a client wants to use the American Express Card, then why even ask about MC/Visa? ....To save money? I hope not.

Saving money isn't a good enough excuse to dissuade a client from using a payment type. When a client asks one of our representatives, "Do you accept American Express," they respond, "we certainly do." That's much more effective than "no."

How do you talk someone into Visa without sounding chincy? Most business clients know it's more expensive to process AMEX charges than Master Card and Visa. They know you are being "Yugo" on them, not "Mercedes Benz" classy.

What's the cost savings you miss out on a sale because you are so parsimonious? Sometimes cutting costs, cuts sales too. Clearly an unintended consequence.

For many of our business clients, AMEX is the preferred method. When they find we accept their preferred method of payment they are more likely to do business with us.

We call that customer service 101. Provide the customer with the easiest way to make a business transaction.

Never hinder a sale with an excuse, that's not only bad service, it could be no service at all. Sometimes the American Express Card is the only card the client is authorized to use. Knowing we accept AMEX gives the client peace of mind. Just one more reason why they shop with us rather than our competition. We tell our clients to Relax! Enjoy your Next Business Event. We do everything to accommodate the client. Nothing to hinder the client wishes.

One last reason why accepts the American Express Card, I like being an American Express client and I've been one since 1993. One benefit I use is the American Express Sky Miles program. I fly to conferences and client sites for free or at a fraction of the normal cost. That saves my SMB thousands per year in airline expense. This easily justifies the $95 annual fee.

About specializes in procuring technology for temporary needs, and has over 25 years of experience working with clients and keeping up with the industry. Whether the client's need is for computer rentals, audio-visual equipment, or office equipment our Tech Travel Agents are able to get the technology that the client needs, and have it delivered and installed on site.

Our agents also specialize in working with large venues across the U.S., and they can save the client money by delivering technology suited for their event, along with expertise in setting it up and troubleshooting.

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