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      Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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Editor Login / SMB Human Resources / Xactly Express is the AppStore of Sales Comp
Sunday, February 05, 2012
391 Update by John Beagle,
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Xactly Express is the AppStore of Sales Comp

More and more organizations continue to see the positive impact sales performance management solutions have on a company’s bottom line. This is particularly true for small and emerging businesses. SMBs generally have limited resources and little or no in-house compensation administration experience – SMBs are challenged to automate the sales compensation process and improve sales and operations efficiencies.

“Xactly Express makes it easy and affordable for emerging businesses, with little or no in-house compensation administration experience, to automate the sales compensation processes and start improving sales and operational efficiencies,” said Christopher Cabrera, president and CEO, Xactly Corporation.

Now with the Xactly Express Plan Store, SMBs have access to pre-built plan templates within commission automation.  Businesses can select plans from a library of templates and begin rewarding the most common sales roles. Once the plan is in place, Xactly Express reduces errors and saves time by automating commission calculations – opening the door to more effective sales compensation. Think of it at the AppStore of Comp!      

“The Xactly Express Plan Store takes this one step further by providing SMBs years of best-practice compensation plan expertise and know-how packaged in customizable templates. With the Xactly Express Plan Store, SMBs can be well on their way to creating a winning sales compensation strategy with the click of a few buttons.”

Xactly’s sales compensation management offerings automate the process of aggregating data from disparate systems into a secure, hosted repository and enable companies to leverage this business data, which is the lifeblood of sales performance management. Xactly helps companies improve operational performance, optimize sales effectiveness, proactively manage risk and compliance and maximize profits.

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