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      Friday, October 19, 2018

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Editor Login / SMB Social / SMB: 7 Google Marketing Ideas
Wednesday, October 18, 2006
129 Update by Brawlin Melgar, Lead Publisher
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SMB: 7 Google Marketing Ideas

7 Online Marketing Tools
for the Smart Webmaster
By Kim Roach (c) 2006
As an online marketer, it's hard to wade through all of the misleading information that is running rampant on the Internet. Who do you trust? Where do you go for the very best information in online marketing? Well, this article was written to answer those very questíons. Below I have outlined 7 tools that can be used to increase your marketing knowledge, improve your website, increase your website's traffíc, and even save time. Hope you enjoy!

1. Make Your Site Sell

The first of these tools comes from Ken Envoy, who has released his bestselling internet marketing book to the public. With 100,000+ copies sold, Make Your Site Sell! 2002 can now be downloaded frëe of charge.

Build, Send and Track Email Campaigns in Minutes

Editorial Note: Drop by the SiteProNews Blog to read regular posts by two of the Web's top SEO writers, Jim Hedger and Kim Roach, or listen to The Alternative on WebMaster Radio, the new weekly, hour-long live broadcast hosted by Jim Hedger, covering the world of independent search engine alternatives and, of course, developments at the Big Three.

This internet marketing bible has timeless information to improve your online business and increase your traffíc. Because it was created in 2002, some of the information is a bit dated, but if you skip the search engine info, Envoy's book is a gem from front to back.

This is the book that got me started in internet marketing and I am forever thankful to Ken Envoy. Inside Make Your Site Sell, you'll find the three cornerstones of building a successful online business - developing a great product, building a site that sells, and attracting targeted traffíc to your site.

Find it at

2. Dotcomology

Another great resource for learning about online marketing is Dotcomology by Stone Evans. This one is a bit more up-to-date.

Inside you'll learn:

  • How to increase your traffíc using expired domains
  • How to build and maintain your credibility online
  • How to increase your profíts using back-end and cross-selling techniques
  • How to optimize your site for high rankings in the search engines
  • How to profít with Google Adwords
  • How to build a massive opt-ín mailing list
  • How to set up joint ventures to expand your marketing reach for frëe
  • How to use press releases for frëe publicity and....
  • How to launch a viral marketing campaign

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