How Adding More Members to an SMBís Team Really Helps

Thursday, September 27, 2012
Posted by Robert Beagle


How Adding More Members to an SMB’s Team Really Helps

By the very nature of SMB’s, great pride is taken in start-ups and large numbers of employees aren’t planned to be added right away.  But as small businesses grow to medium-sized ones, and medium-sized ones grow to bigger ones, an extra hand or two will gradually become a bit more appealing.  CEO’s and other members in top positions may find themselves gasping for air under mountains of projects and various side duties as their companies get more attention.  Well, that attention is exactly what most CEO’s had hoped for back when they were just aspiring entrepreneurs, so who would want to see all that slip away just because they didn’t have a wide enough team to handle the amount of work that came along with it?

This is where adding even just a few new employees can do wonders for an SMB.  And it’s not just about having some extra people to pick up slack – it’s about certain aspects of the business being able to improve significantly because employees (both old and new) can actually have adequate time to devote to them.  For instance, adding a Director of Recruitment at Varsity Tutors allowed the processes of hiring both area directors and tutors to go much more efficiently and thoroughly.  As this is a task that this new employee had great experience in and was also passionate about doing, it made for much more effective hiring and truly better quality in overall results.  More over, the CEO, Chuck Cohn, found a huge weight taken off his shoulders. 

After adding people to keep a close eye on things like book keeping and advertising as well, it became more and more apparent that the company could grow not only more quickly, but more successfully if various issues and responsibilities could be assigned to people who specifically have the know-how and time to make these subjects their personal number one priorities.  Subsequently, this allowed Cohn to be able to confidently put more focus on bigger projects, such as brand upgrading and online tutoring.  This produced better overall results as well since there was no need to spend time worrying about whether or not the smaller projects were being completed sufficiently.

It would seem that hiring help is an obvious tactic to ensure an SMB (or any company, really) runs more smoothly, but it still gets dangerously overlooked.  Varsity Tutors saw drastic improvements in the overall business-model just by instating more specific control over day-to-day processes.  Ultimately, this helped the company continue to grow exponentially in a truly positive way.  Especially in the SMB world, a little help can go a very, very, very, long way.