Quickbooks in the SMB Cloud

Thursday, December 9, 2010
Posted by Brawlin Melgar

SMB owners now have a solution for integrating accounting packages -- eBridge On The Cloud (EOTC) Quickbooks Beta Program

eBridge Connections, the world’s most powerful accounting integration platform, announced the launch of the exclusive QuickBooks Beta Program. Appropriately codenamed EOTC or eBridge On The Cloud, this invite-only Beta is free to all companies running both Quickbooks (Enterprise 2010 or Premier 2010) and eCommerce platforms including Magento Enterprise, Volusion, Miva Merchant, ASPDotNetStoreFront, eBay, Amazon and many more supported carts.

This beta program is one more step in eBridge’s commitment to bring all accounting integration to the cloud. eBridge has been working closely with hand-picked participants, with plans to carefully test and refine the first phase of EOTC. Feedback and feature requests from actual QuickBooks users will be vital to the platforms’ initial success. While QuickBooks has been chosen for the pilot project, the long-term goal will see integration with all 40+ Accounting and ERP systems currently supported by eBridge make their way to the completely cloud-based offering.

“Accounting integration in the cloud remains our primary goal. It is small business owners who drive our business and leverage our enterprise technology in the cloud. They can significantly reduce costs by having important documents integrated into their accounting package.” said Colin Brown, CEO at eBridge. “Our commitment is to continue to level the playing field for small businesses in the integration space; this is just another step to service a growing market.”

About eBridge
Founded in 1993, eBridge Connections leads the small to medium sized (SME) market in accounting software integration. The powerful combination of Integration-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform – including over 700 predefined connectors for EDI, eCommerce, CRM, and warehouse management—and the eBridge adapters with over 40 accounting packages, makes eBridge Connections the only ‘last mile’ integration-as-a-service company to offer such a wide range of integration solutions. eBridge’s complete and flexible integration solution streamlines your business processes, saving you time and money.

For more information visit www.ebridgeconnections.com an Integration as a Service platform for EDI | CRM | SCM and eCommerce integration.       40 Accounting Packages | 1000’s of Connections | Millions of Documents

For more information contact:

Tory Crowder
Jump Start Communications
Tel: 416.998.8702
E-mail: torycrowder@sympatico.ca


Dave Malda
Marketing Coordinator
eBridge Software
Tel: 1.800.755.6921
E-mail: dmalda@ebridgesoft.com

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