FITzee Foods Makes Delicious Healthy Food Options for SMBs

Thursday, April 18, 2013
Posted by Joel Thompson

San Diego-based Northrop Grumman Corp., Genoptix Inc., Scripps Memorial Hospital and 10 Southern California Scripps Health Clinics are a handful of companies to join the list of those choosing to provide healthy meal options for employees by using FITzee Foods, a health food company offering corporate wellness solutions. Specializing in creating nutritionally balanced, packaged meals, one of FITzee Foods’ main initiatives is to be integrated into corporate wellness programs as a nutrition component.

FITzee Foods offers two options to introduce healthy lunch options to employees. FITzee Foods can send a mobile store on location during lunchtime for employees to purchase meals, or can install a healthy vending kiosk at the company and stock the kiosk with items every week. The companies listed above have installed FITzee Foods’ kiosk option or have opted for the FITzee mobile store and have seen positive results with employees’ health.

Particularly with Scripps Health, management found its employees were costing too much in preventive health care due to poor eating habits. FITzee Foods provides a solution and has placed healthy options straight into the hands of employees seeking healthier meal options.

“As a health care organization, Scripps recognizes the important role that nutrition plays in an individual’s wellbeing,” said Vic Buzachero, senior vice president of Scripps Health. “Our partnership with FITzee Foods allows us to provide delicious, fresh, healthful meals to employees at a discounted rate from the convenience of a vending machine. Investing in the health of our employees is an important strategy for providing the best patient care to the community.” Scripps subsidizes the meal cost of $3 per meal for their employees to offer discounted meals to the employee. 

In January 2012, two Southern California Scripps locations installed FITzee Foods self-checkout kiosks and purchased just $3,000 of food per month from FITzee Foods. Today, 11 Scripps locations offer FITzee Foods kiosks and purchase more than $50,000 of food per month. Scripps employees are seeing dramatic changes in their health and weight loss, and three more Scripps locations are slated to install the kiosks in 2013.

This is an example of a major employer investing in its employees' health and wellness, as shown by the increase in food purchased and number of Scripps Health locations that offer the vending kiosks. As such, this also demonstrates that an increase in available healthy food correlates with an increase in pounds lost and overall health and wellness.

"If you can't provide the end solution, nothing will change," said Founder and President of FITzee Foods, Michelle Weinstein. "The FITzee kiosks provide the nutritional food support for corporate wellness programs that is often overlooked. We provide the last piece of the equation for a company that is looking to really change what their employees eat."

FITzee Foods will continue to expand within the corporate wellness arena, and hopes to sway unhealthy eating habits one meal at a time. For more information, visit

About FITzee Foods

FITzee Foods makes and prepares meals daily from local, organic and all-natural products. Menus change seasonally and offer a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner options to suit any diner's preference. All products are available in four specifically portioned sizes to fit each client's unique lifestyle. FITzee Foods also offers a variety of quick snacks and meal replacement bars to keep customers fueled and focused.

Those with sensitivity to gluten and other food allergies are offered a myriad of foods to suit their needs and delight their taste buds, as FITzee Foods offers gluten-free, vegetarian and dairy-free options in store and online. FITzee Foods' aim is to make healthy eating accessible to everyone with great tasting, quality ingredients at fair prices.