Protecting SMBs from Evolving Malware Threats

Wednesday, August 22, 2012
Posted by Brawlin Melgar

Fortinet® Introduces New FortiManager®, FortiAnalyzer®and FortiMail® Hardware Platforms

New FortiManager-200D, FortiAnalyzer-200D and FortiMail-200D Platforms Provide Significant Performance Enhancements to Support More Devices and Log Processing for SMB and Enterprise Branch Office Customers

I’m sure you’ve seen all of the recent news around the increasing amount of new malware discoveries such as Gauss and Shamoon with their far reaching potential for damage to IT infrastructure in the US. The enterprise has responded with their solutions…but where does this leave SMBs?

The question now should be, what does this mean for those small to mid-sized businesses with limited networks, budget and IT staff? How can they afford to protect themselves from these evolving and malicious threats?

Fortinet, a leading network security provider, announced a suite of powerful security options that truly level the playing field in terms of security for SMBs. Especially important within the current threat landscape, these new offerings provide a level of security only previously available for the larger enterprise – at a fraction of the complexity and cost.

Launched today, FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer and FortiMail hardware platforms designed for SMB and enterprise branch office customers in need of more scalable device management, security event analysis and email filtering capabilities are now available.

Security specifics:
• The new FortiManager-200D enables customers to centrally manage 50 percent more devices and quadruples the memory over the platform it replaces. TheFortiAnalyzer-200D features a 30 percent increase in log processing capabilities and a 50 percent increase in the number of devices that can connect to the new platform. And the FortiMail-200D more than doubles the message processing performance.

Bottom line – SMBs are protected, just like the enterprise.

Here are more details:

As a centralized management appliance providing command and control of Fortinet-based security infrastructures, the FortiManager family reduces management costs and overhead associated with distributing security updates or installing security policies across managed assets. Its device discovery, group management, auditing facilities and ability to manage complex mesh and star VPN environments are key time-saving features for resource-constrained environments.

The FortiAnalyzer platform integrates network logging, analysis and reporting to increase an organization’s knowledge of security events throughout its network. With the FortiAnalyzer family, organizations can centralize security event analysis, forensic research, reporting, content archiving, data mining, malicious file quarantining and vulnerability management in a single platform.

FortiMail is a messaging security platform that utilizes Fortinet’s years of experience in protecting networks against spam, malware and other message-borne threats. In addition to providing a sophisticated inbound and outbound filtering engine for both spam and malware, the platform also features a powerful Identity Based Encryption capability to enable secure message transmission. With the ability to operate in mail server, gateway and transparent processing modes, the FortiMail family provides a flexible range of deployment options.

What’s New in the FortiManager-200D
The FortiManager-200D can support up to 30 licensed network devices including any combination of FortiGate® and FortiCarrier® security appliances, FortiClient® endpoint software, FortiMail® messaging security appliances, FortiAnalyzer analysis and reporting appliances and FortiSwitch® switching platforms.

In addition to quadrupling its memory over the FortiManager-100C, the new platform can now support 30 Administration Domains (ADOMs) that represent groups of devices, agents and their administrators. This enables the primary “admin” to create groups of devices for other administrators to monitor and manage.

The FortiManager-200D also supports global policies that can be applied universally via a global objects database to all ADOMs and virtual domains. Within each ADOM, there is a common database of objects shared by all devices and policy packages, allowing users to reuse similar configurations among a group of managed assets.This enables administrators to create device configuration templates to quickly configure a new Fortinet appliance.

Offering enterprise-class features in an affordable appliance, the FortiManager-200D hosts security content locally, which allows administrators greater control over security content updates while providing improved response time for rating databases. Support for locally hosted security content includes antivirus definition updates, intrusion prevention updates, vulnerability and compliance management updates, Web filtering and antispam.

New Functionality in the FortiAnalyzer-200D
The FortiAnalyzer-200D dramatically increases log-processing performance to 350 logs per second, up from 200 logs per second with the FortiAnalyzer-100C. This increased performance makes the new platform an ideal security logging, analysis and reporting solution at branch offices for enterprise customers employing a large scale log infrastructure servicing multiple FortiGate and/or FortiWiFi appliances.

In addition, the new FortiAnalyzer-200D features upgraded support for up to 150 device connections, a 50 percent scalability improvement over the FortiAnalyzer-100C.

With these FortiAnalyzer-200D performance enhancements, SMB and enterprise customers with strategic branch offices can improve visibility into their overall security posture. That’s because the FortiAnalyzer centralizes the collection, correlation and analysis of geographically and chronologically diverse security data from Fortinet appliances and third-party devices.

To improve security event information management, the FortiAnalyzer-200D creates a single view of an organization’s security events, archived content and vulnerability assessments.The new appliance accepts a full range of traffic, event, virus, attack, content filtering and email filtering data. It also eliminates the need to manually search multiple log files or manually analyze multiple consoles when performing forensic analysis or network auditing.

New Functionality in the FortiMail-200D
Taking performance from 80,000 messages per hour to more than 170,000 gives a raw performance advantage to the FortiMail-200D, when compared with its predecessor the FortiMail-100C. Additional performance advantages include more memory and processing power. The 200D also offers the complete range of FortiMail features including extensive IPv6 support, identity based encryption and a growing set of server mode functionality.

“Our SMB and enterprise customers with branch offices are seeking more scalable device management, security event analysis capabilities and a fully featured secure messaging solution in affordable appliances that can be deployed quickly,” said Michael Xie, chief technology officer with Fortinet. “The latest FortiManager, FortiAnalyzer and FortiMail models address this growing demand. Customers now have additional choices to deploy more powerful and affordable appliances for the command and control of their Fortinet security infrastructures. At the same time, they have a broader selection of analysis tools to eliminate blind spots in their security posture.”


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