Hackers see SMBs as easy prey

Thursday, August 2, 2007
Posted by Brawlin Melgar

By John Beagle

Your computers have been probed by the BSA, audited by the IRS and inventoried as fixed assets for the bank. But you're not done yet. You need protection from hackers, spammers and virus distributors. Time to bring in Computer Service Now for a solution.

Hackers target small business for intellectual property and customer data.

Hackers see SMBs as easy targets because their defenses are weaker.

Sophisticated security tools need to be affordable for SMBs. This will help larger companies be better protected too. Everything from email to corporate documents need to be protected, wherever they exist, SMB or large corporation.

Since 2005 SMBs are the source of 80% of computer security compromises.

Fact: SMBs generally have little network and computer security expertise in house. What's worse, there is no one minding the network. Most SMBs only fix things after they can no longer do a work-around. Phishing email attacks are the most common. They have moved from the larger companies down to SMBs. Phishers will launch millions of messages directed at a specific market or email list target containing millions of SMB companies.

Fact: SMBs don't know enough about phishing. Nearly all SMBs lack a plan to handle an attack.

Wireless Warning: Some hackers use wireless devices from the parking lot to capture customer data in real time. SMB retail transactions complete with credit card numbers and a persons identity can be taken without anyone ever knowing.

Browser Warning: Web browsers are the preferred entry point for viruses and worms now, taking over from e-mail payload delivery. Stopping employees from surfing to gambling sites, for example, cuts your exposure considerably.

SMB Hacker Defense

What can SMBs do?
1. Outsource your website hosting to a professional web hosting company.
2. Hire a network engineer if you have a network. Or hire a computer technician if you have pcs connected to the Internet.
3. Have contingency planning for emergencies and attacks. What would you do if your computer did not work?

Recommendations? Sure
1. Web Hosting - Xponex Web and Marketing
2. Network Engineer or Computer Technician- Computer Service Now
3. Contingency Plan - Tech Special Forces Network Consulting

Now that you know the problem and the recommendations, do you have a plan?