Security Camera solves SMB Staff Problem at Convenience Store

Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Posted by Brawlin Melgar

by John Beagle
Many small- and medium-sized companies (SMBs) are investing in security cameras as a way of monitoring employee activity on their premises.

The investment pays off when employees ripping off goods are caught in the act. With video evidence, an employer has the perfect evidence to back any dismissal and or criminal prosecution.

Employees on the videos often lose in court and are ordered to pay legal costs, fines and repayment of the stolen merchandise.

Often employers initially install cameras to address problems with customer theft or burglary. But very often, employers discover internal problems when they review camera footage.

A convenient store owner said: "After reviewing footage from last night I noticed at the end of the video one of my employees was walking out the door at the end of her shift with a whole lot of bags.

I checked and none of our usual procedures had been followed in terms of taking stock out of the building, and there was no receipt in the system for what she'd taken."

The convenient store owner called the worker in to explain what that he felt she was stealing. She claimed that she had paid for the goods.

The store owner said the employee confessed immediately after seeing, till receipts and video evidence from the entire shift.

The security cameras at the convenience store were provided by Camera Security Now and feature a DVR as the recording and viewing device. The security camera system allows live footage to be viewed off-site.

Camera Security Now

"I always used to automatically trust my employees, but not now. Now I warn my friends in business "no video surveillance is asking for trouble. It is often the people you trust the most that are robbing you blind. Plus I have found the camera system keeps employees honest as long as you review the video."