SMB Association goes International

Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Posted by Brawlin Melgar
The  IT-RA Names Jim Butler of Hamilton Rentals "2005 Ambassador of the Year"
The IT-RA (International Technology Rental Association) recognized its sole overseas member this year at the IT-RA January 2006 Conference. Jim Butler, of Hamilton Rentals, London, England won the 2005 IT-RA Ambassador of the Year Award .
The award is given to only one person/company who most exemplified the IT-RA customer service model. Recipients also need to be an outstanding IT-RA member citizen and leader within our rental industry.

The IT-RA would like to congratulate Jim Butler and Hamilton Rentals of London, England  for this Ambassador of the Year Award. Jim is credited with helping create new IT-RA member opportunities in the UK and  European Marketplaces. Besides new geographic opportunities, in 2005 Jim Butler brought new insights and views to the IT-RA such as market analysis and new rental product viability studies.
The IT-RA would also like to recognize Jim's associate, Jason Hall for his informative multi-media presentation of these views and his continuing active role in the IT-RA organization.
About the International Technology Rental Association
The IT-RA is made up of 35 companies from the United States, Canada and the UK.  IT-RA Member companies have high standards of performance in the computer rental or audio visual industry.  The International Technology Rental Association started as the NCRA in the year 2000 with 19 Founding Member companies. At the January of 2005 conference, the NCRA (National Computer Rental Association), changed its name to the International Technology Rental Association, IT-RA to recognize members from Canada and the UK. The organization is looking for 10 new members this year from the United States, Canada and Europe.

Membership information is available at the website: