SMB Company goes World wide with AV Event Services (AV Rental)

Monday, July 23, 2007
Posted by Brawlin Melgar
by John Beagle expands further into the 'Staging and Event Service Industry' with its announcement of state-of-the-art sound and visual equipment.

Event AV - One Stop Shopping
New products include 12 channel sound-boards, mics, speakers and labor (audio visual technicians) for ongoing event support. Staging/event products include: flying screens, lighting and roofing, portable stage installation, carpet, pipe and drape, internet cafes, web casting services, digital signage, up to 10,000 lumen projectors, up to 103" flat screens (Plasma and LCD), and event camera security systems.

Event Size is Not an Issue
Tech Travel Agents from have the capability of providing service to small events for 100 people to providing large events with staging, rigging, lighting, sound equipment and video systems for 20,000 people in a stadium. This sort of flexibility and willingness to work with event organizers is one of the primary reasons why has remained a constant in the evolving "Staging and Event Service Industry."

Tech Army Organization for the Best Service
Tech Travel Agents from only use qualified and tested Tech Army Organization membership.

The Tech Army Organization is an independent group of highly skilled and trained technicians, engineers and installers concentrated mostly in the United States. Membership is international including Canada and the United Kingdom with expansion plans ongoing. Members of the work together to provide the best quality of service possible in their respective areas of operation. For more info on the Tech Army Organization visit their website:

Get Fast Free Muliti-City Quotations
If you are planning single city or multi-city events this year, get quotations for budgeting and planing purposes, now.  Tech Travel Agents itemize and help plan event equipment needs in one or multiple cities. Get started with a no cost, no obligation quotation to help you with planning your next event. Toll Free 800-736-8772 or visit