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Thursday, May 11, 2006
Posted by Brawlin Melgar
Schmidt: Google Has Just Begun

Google's CEO Eric Schmidt told media attendees at Press Day that search is the inevitable outcome of what is and will happen on the Internet.

Editor's Note: Google has long claimed a goal of organizing the world's information. Do their new releases bring them closer to doing so? Are you ready to trust all of your business data to Google? Trust us with your opinions at WebProWorld.
Schmidt: Google Has Just Begun The Internet has started a new phase, according to Schmidt, and Google is ready to lead the way to it. "We've organized Google to be the systematic innovator of scale," he said. "Virtually all of the interesting information businesses have can live on this platform."

Schmidt made the argument for search as the "inevitable outcome" of all that happens online. "As the web gets bigger you need search as a tool to get thru this," he said. "Web growth has turned out to be faster that Moore's Law."

That growth is mostly happening outside of the United States, according to Schmidt. That likely means China, acknowledged as the fastest growing Internet market with over 110 million users and more signing on all the time.

How Google does it

Schmidt also mentioned the 70-20-10 rule of Google again, in discussing how they run Google. "The 20% time is part of our bargain with our key technical people to encourage innovation, and it works really well."

This year, the goal is to systemtize everything at Google. He noted the heavy investments Google has made in search algorithms, and acknowledged they have had to invest in very significant storage and comupting capacity.

The competition has money to invest as well. "What does the competitive landscape look like?" Schmidt asked. "We have two major competitors with scale management and cash."

"None of the other competitors are focused on the 70% which is search," Schmidt said in referring to Yahoo and Microsoft.

Who are the winners online

When it comes to winning, Schmidt thinks the companies that partner more broadly, as Google has with AOL and eBay, will be the ones that win due to those collaborations. There is room for more than one winner, he suggested.

Our editor, Mike McDonald, observed in his notes that the "businesses living on the platform" is an echo of the old 'search is big enough for everybody' mantra they throw up when people talk about Google and Microsoft, and a winner and loser in that battle.

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