SMB Marketing Support - Trade Show Display Rentals

Friday, December 14, 2007
Posted by Andy Wendt

Trade Show Display Rentals - Nationwide With Local Delivery And SetupMarketing for the SMB is a constant struggle. From the move to Web 2.0 to old school marketing concepts the country is full of small business owners who tell themselves they don't have the time or money for many marketing basics.

One marketing basic is the old fashioned trade show or convention. When seen through the eyes of many Hollywood film makers these conventions are filled with fun and excitement. But then why don't more SMB's take advantage of this chance to market their goods or service?

For starters one thing Hollywood never shows is the planning, hard work and the expense that goes into attending and exhibiting at such an event. For example there are times when a small business owner might be willing to pay for the travel and time necessary to exhibit at a convention but may not own a trade show display. Other small business owners might not be willing, or physically able, to transport and set up the traditionally heavy booth accessories that go into an exhibit. Then there are those whose need to exhibit is so infrequent that it has never justified the purchase of a trade show display and signage necessary for a professional looking booth.

If those are problems your SMB has ever faced, or even heard tossed around the office as some sort of excuse for not doing your own company exhibit, then you may be interested to learn there is an entire industry in place to help eliminate those stumbling blocks. That industry is simply the Convention Rental industry. Several large nationwide convention rental companies supply short term computer, audio visual, and trade show display rentals to all the major convention venues in the United States and Canada.

Trade Show Display Rentals can help the SMB put on a professional and effective exhibit at a convention for a fraction of the cost of purchasing the equipment. This is a perfect solution when the SMB only exhibits at a show once ever year or two.

A trade show display rental also solves the problem of physically transporting such heave equipment. For example a firm in Boston could rent a trade show display for use at the Las Vegas Convention Center and simply fly one or two staff members out to work the show. The trade show display would be delivered and set up by the rental company leaving the Boston staff members unencumbered and free to enjoy more of their visit.

Trade show display rentals also included custom branded signage from the rental supplier. Trade show booth accessories, such as tables, skirts, stands, etc are also available, making it possible as in the above example, to have a fully configured and customized booth waiting for your staff.

Many trade show displays incorporate large screen plasma displays and other audio video enhancements even adding to the economics that favor trade show display rentals as compared to purchasing. To learn more about trade show display rentals and other convention rental services contact our preferred nationwide computer rental firm today!