SMBs can get Apples with Windows for Rent

Monday, May 1, 2006
Posted by Brawlin Melgar to offer Apples running Microsoft WindowsBoot Camp Introductions

Apple has introduced a new generation of Macs based on Intel® processors. The new Apple iMac and MacBook Pro products take advantage of the Intel® Core™ Duo Processor. (Macbook Pro and iMac Intel Based Apple Computer Rentals)

Called "Boot Camp," the new Intel-based Macs will run Windows XP or Mac OS X.

Photo: Excitement at the Apple Corps Boot Camp over the new windows feature.

The switch to Intel chips provided the motivation for Boot Camp.

Many computer users consider the latest version of Apple's operating system easier to use and more robust than Windows XP. Having the ability to run Windows and Mac OS allows more software to run on less hardware.

Apple stands to gain share on computer rental and notebook rental market because Apple now offers a Windows option for people who want to use Macs, but still need to run Windows for certain work applications.

The Apple Boot Camp will be available from by the end of the June 2006 according to Andrew Wendt, VP, Contact a Tech Travel Agent at 800-736-8772 for additional information or computer rental reservations.

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