SMBs save 10% on Plasma Rentals

Tuesday, May 2, 2006
Posted by Brawlin Melgar
Plasma Flat Panel and Stand

Save 10% off your
Next Plasma Rental

Tech Travel Agents from save customers up to 50% off the rates that hotels and convention centers charge for Plasma Flat Panel Display rentals.

For a limited time, save an additional 10% off the low when you download, print and fax with your order for plasma rentals.

10% Discount on Plasma Rental PDF Form

"We have plasma rentals that are designed to integrate with your trade show booth or we provide floor stands and table stands. We can have our techs meet you at your booth, conference or convention center office. Fax that coupon to my attention and I will personally see that you receive 10% off."

Tony Cipollone
Tech Travel Agent
800-736-8772 x 241

Contact a Tech Travel Agent at, email or call toll free 800-736-8772. For more information on Tech Travel Agent Services visit

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