How to Keep Your Sanity In SMB Event Planning

Wednesday, June 6, 2012
Posted by Kyle Thompson

Solutions for Event Planners

Attenuate the Insanity!

As an event planner, you are aware of how insane life can get when trying to make sure your event runs smoothly and leaves an impression on your attendees. One of the most difficult tasks for event planners is procuring all the necessary technology, as well as getting it to your venue, installed, tested and working on time.

Event technology includes anything from laptop, to projectors, plasmas, sound, lighting, LANs, kiosks and more! Gathering the equipment can be difficult in itself, but paying for the equipment (especially if its new) can be extremely costly. There are only a few solutions to these problems:

1. Self-Procurement: When the event planner takes it upon him/herself to acquire all the technology through whatever means necessary (using corporate equipment, borrowing from friends and family, etc...) All of which is not guarenteed and can be risky.

2. The In-House Solution: When the event planner simply relies upon the venue to supply the technology with limited support from often inexperienced members of the staff.

The first isn’t really a ‘solution’ at all, it is just gritting one’s teeth and enduring the burden. The second at the very least is a solution, but this fact alone does not make it a desirable one. By using the in-house solution, you can usher in several new stressful issues. First and foremost, the technology is overused (the initial convenience factor of the in-house approach appeals to most planners and therefore the equipment could have been used in countless other events) and even possibly outdated. In either case, the chances of the equipment failing when you need it most are increased. In addition, chances that the venue sends a highly skilled technician to service your problem are very low. The last thing you need besides faulty equipment is a "technician" who doesnt really know how to handle any technical issues.

Which brings us to the most affordable and effective solution:

3. Tech Travel Agents from With just one phone call you can get a single solution for all the technology you need for your event, including on-time delivery, installation, and troubleshooting services. Our agents only procure the best event technology rentals that are reliable and ready to use. No faulty equipment, no untrained technicians and no more insanity! They can even do events and training that require Large Quantity Laptop Rentals