Symantec Keeping SMBs Secure

Wednesday, June 12, 2013
Posted by Joel Thompson

Symantec Keeping SMBs SecureBy: Joseph Muscarella, Network/Telecom Manager, Duralee

Today’s small business is about fighting for every inch of success, and finding ways to use your time and resources wisely. For 60 years Duralee Fabrics has been working hard to grow from a one-room shop to a thriving provider of fabrics and furniture to businesses around the world. As we have grown, so have our IT needs. With all the resources we have invested in, it was important for us to make sure we didn’t lose all the headway we have made in the event of a disaster.

We needed to establish a disaster recovery center that would enable us to quickly recover our servers if something bad happened. And to reduce the chances of that happening, we needed to secure our workstations and servers from a wide variety of threats. We had an antivirus solution in place, but we were having a hard time seeing what was happening with our showrooms, so we didn’t always know whether viruses were being taken care of.

On the disaster recovery side, we opted to use System Recovery from Symantec. This allowed us to image our production servers and use that image to create the virtual servers in the new DR center. We were then able to automatically replicate our data to that site. To deal with outages of individual servers, we also store those images onsite, which lets us perform bare-metal restores more quickly.

We looked at several endpoint security solutions. Our showrooms are only connected to our operations through the internet, so we needed something that could operate through the cloud. That led us to Symantec Endpoint It was painless to license, and we were up and running quickly.

With these two solutions in place, we have felt more confident in our ability to keep our information secure and available, no matter what. System Recovery automatically creates our local server images, and I only need a few minutes a week to make sure it’s working. And our security is working without creating any performance issues for employees. We know that even if a legitimate website our employees visit has been compromised by malware, will take care of it, along with any other malware that looks to get in. We’ve also experience excellent support from Symantec in deploying and maintaining their products.

Our experience with these solutions has been so positive that we are considering adding additional Symantec products to our IT infrastructure, like data loss prevention to bolster our PCI compliance activities. The bottom line is, we are simply comfortable relying on Symantec for our data protection.