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      Thursday, December 14, 2017

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Editor Login / SMB Social / 15 Million SMBs on LinkedIn
Thursday, September 13, 2012
455 Update by John Beagle,
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15 Million SMBs on LinkedIn

New Data Shows That Globally There Are More Than 15 Million SMBs on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network with more than 175 million members worldwide. Recently Linkedin reviewed its member list, looking at SMB Linkedin members specifically. LinkedIn defined small business professionals as LinkedIn members who currently work at a company that has between 11 to 500 employees.

Globally, the top five countries with the most small business professionals on LinkedIn are:

  --  United States (There are 6,874,850 LinkedIn members in the U.S. who are SMBls. Their occupations range from an accessories designer all the way to a yacht broker.)

  --  United Kingdom (There are 1,059,303 LinkedIn members in the U.K. who are SMBs.)

  --  India (There are 1,012,058 LinkedIn members in India who are SMBs.)

  --  The Netherlands (There are 597,010 LinkedIn members in the Netherlands who are SMBs.)

  --  Canada (There are 579,253 LinkedIn members in Canada who are SMBs.)

SMBs are using LinkedIn Groups to learn about various business information from what needs to go in my trade show booth to obtaining funding for SMBs. This is verified by Nicole Williams, LinkedIn's Connection Director,

""Small business professionals leverage LinkedIn in a myriad of creative ways. Not only do they leverage the site to make critical hires, but they also use LinkedIn Groups like "mini conferences" where they can learn more about various subjects like advertising and public relations. We've also heard of small business professionals relying on their networks to find trusted vendors, partners and even funding for their companies."

SMBs are using LinkedIn to help get the word out about their SMB. Here's how to help get the word out about your company:

1. Encourage your employees to thoroughly complete their LinkedIn Profiles, so prospective clients know you've hired high caliber experts.

2. Make sure they include LinkedIn Skills and specialties in their profiles

3. Encourage employees to participate in LinkedIn Answers. Giving your company more exposure, by demonstrating your employees' strengths and expertise, will lead to more business leads later on down the line.

4. Make sure your company is listed with a LinkedIn company page. Here is an example:

5. Watch your competition's LinkedIn company page. When you follow a competitor's LinkedIn Company Page, you can find out what talent is joining, and leaving, those companies.

6. Add a products & services tab to your LinkedIn Company page. Add customer testimonials to this page. Here's an example:

About LinkedIn
Founded in 2003, LinkedIn connects the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. With more than 175 million members worldwide, including executives from every Fortune 500 company, LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network on the Internet. The company has a diversified business model with revenues coming from member subscriptions, marketing solutions and hiring solutions. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, LinkedIn has offices across the globe.

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