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      Thursday, October 18, 2018

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Thursday, September 30, 2010
303 Update by Brawlin Melgar, Lead Publisher
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SMB Sales Video: Beyond Viral


Beyond Viral

How to Attract Customers, Promote Your Brand, and Make Money with Online Video

By Kevin H. Nalty

Foreword by David Meerman Scott

If you haven’t already, go to YouTube immediately and search “Nalts”. Kevin Nalty has fooled millions of online-video viewers into thinking he is a celebrity. However, Kevin Nalty is an online-video creator, a dad, video enthusiast, and career marketer gone viral.

As the most viewed personality on YouTube, Kevin Nalty continues to wow viewers with his lowbrow humor and comedic-like style. You name it; Kevin’s done it. Anything from heartfelt family moments to sophomoric candid-camera style pranks.   He has actively participated in the growth of YouTube since its conception in 2005. Now 5 years later, Kevin has created more than 1,000 videos with millions of views. 

With his new book, BEYOND VIRAL: How to Attract Customers, Promote Your Brand, and Make Money with Online Video (Wiley; ISBN: 9780470598887; Hardcover; $24.95), Kevin Nalty joins well known authors including Brian Halligan, Jim Sterne and Steve Garfield in the successful New Rules of Social Media Series created by the sought-after speaker/author/expert, David Meerman Scott. This book teaches how to create cost-effective videos, sustain a brand online, engage customers and compel them to measurable behaviors.

How is BEYOND VIRAL different than other online video books? According to Kevin Nalty, they’ve missed their mark based on the below theories:

  1. The medium is changing so rapidly that none of us understand it entirely
  2. The majority of YouTube books are simply dull how-to instructions
  3. Many of the books focus on video production and not business implications
  4. Some are written by writers (“Nalts” is not a writer, he’s an online-video creator)

BEYOND VIRAL also gives case studies of leading brands including Microsoft, Starbucks, GE, MTV, Mentos, Holiday Inn, and Fox Broadcasting.  Readers will learn the successes of these top companies and startups as well as the mistakes many of them are making.

Viral video is dead and according to Kevin Nalty this is a golden opportunity for businesses. BEYOND VIRAL is not about how to become the next “Nalts” but how to make and promote video that will build customer loyalty, increase brand awareness and boost sales.

About the Author:

Kevin Nalty (Doylestown, PA) known as "Nalts" on YouTube, is the only career marketer who doubles as one of the most-viewed YouTube comedians. Formerly a marketing director at Merck and Johnson & Johnson, Nalty currently consults leading brands--including YouTube, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Cox Communications, and Coke--on how to market via online video. He has been blogging about this topic at for the past three years, and several hundred thousand people downloaded his free e-book, How to Become Popular on YouTube without Any Talent.


Nalty has written for marketing trade publications, including Advertising Age and iMediaConnection, and he speaks globally at industry conferences. His unique style combines humor, passion, and practical advice.


Beyond Viral

How to Attract Customers, Promote Your Brand, and Make Money with Online Video

By Kevin H. Nalty

Foreword by David Meerman Scott

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