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      Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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Editor Login / SMB Computer Services / Completely Customizable Clipart
Wednesday, August 10, 2005
12 Update by Josh Rountree, Publisher
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Completely Customizable Clipart

Do you download clipart from clipart websites or from compact disc and just wish there was a way you could customize it?

Well is a service that makes it possible to request completely custom clipart or request modifications to clipart currently searchable in it's database.  They offer you the ability to own your clipart you request by paying a one-time fee or you can go the less expensive route by purchasing a single license to the clipart which allows you to use the clipart on anything you or your company owns but the clipart image that was created is loaded into the ClipShark database and is searchable and downloadable by other members.  Like other clipart websites, ClipShark still offers unlimited downloads of clipart that are currently stored in the engine.  Once a clipart has been placed in the searchable database it can't be redeemed for FULL purchase unless it is first customized.

If you're needing a donkey with a fish head shooting a basketball underwater, or even something reasonable that you can't find anywhere else, offers this service at very affordable prices that are unbeatable by anyone in it's competition.

We at highly recommend this service to anyone!
We gladly support!

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