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      Friday, October 19, 2018

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Editor Login / SMB Computer Services / is Looking for a Few Good Techs
Monday, October 17, 2005
28 Update by Brawlin Melgar, Lead Publisher
Leave a Comment is Looking for a Few Good Techs is looking for the best installers, engineers and technicians to combat bad service in the computer service industry.

If your company operates in the computer industry, the security industry, homebuilders industry or you are an independent contractor, tradesman or other technology expert, wants YOU. is organization of independent installers, engineers and technicians dedicated to combating bad service in the computer industry.

It is widely known that bad service is rampant in the computer industry. The Tech-Army intends to defend good service by providing companies with a database of ranked and rated independent computer service companies and technicians to choose from.

Rank is an indicator of total capability. Higher ranked companies have larger staffs, more certifications and can handle more difficult or larger tasks than lower ranked companies. However, rank is not a measure of performance, it is an indicator of company resources. Higher ranked companies generally get larger jobs than lower ranked companies.

Minimum Staff Requirements per rank:

5 Star
2 Certified Network Engineers from at least 1 Major Platform*
10 Installer staff - Summary: Highest ranked computer service , AV expertise. Has performed Tech-Army rated job (s).

4 Star
2 Certified Network Engineers from at least 1 Major Platform*
4 Installer staff - Summary: A large computer or AV tech staff, very capable3 Star
1 Certified Network Engineers from at least 1 Major Platform*
4 Installer staff - Summary: A very capable computer or AV staff tech staff.

2 Star
1 Certified Network Engineers from at least 1 Major Platform*
1 Installer staff - Summary: Small computer or AV tech staff.

1 Star
1 Computer Repair/Installer/Troubleshooter Technician services

Rating is 1 to 9 based on performance. One being the highest, nine being the lowest. Higher rated companies get the most opportunities.

RANK and RATING System
The company rank and rating is in the form of a XSY, where X equals the Rank and Y equals the Rating.
For example a 5S1 would be the highest combined rank and rating possible. But companies with a 1 in the rating would be better qualified than a higher ranked company with a lower rating. For example, a 2S1 would be more likely to be awarded jobs than a 4S9.

The most common "easy" tech jobs can be handled by a 1 or 2 Star Ranked company because they offer more personal service than larger 5 star companies.

In the case of a simple repair or connectivity issue the rating plays a more pivotal role than the Rank. For example, reloading a single windows client more often would be assigned to a 1S1 than a 5S1. Larger jobs like a 100 user migration would be awarded to higher ranked companies like a 5S1.

*Major Network Platform Manufacturers - Microsoft, Cisco, Novell, Sun, IBM or AV Equipment Expert

About the author:
John Beagle is a writer for specializing in technology writing for and other computer technology websites. Visit the client website at  or contact John Beagle via email:

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