Five iPad Apps for Your SMB

Monday, July 9, 2012
Posted by John Beagle

by Rusty Bishop

As millennials begin to take over today’s workforce so does the growing presence of technology. What is the millennials tool of choice that is being strapped to the hands of nearly all young professionals? With over 55 million sold, the iPad is changing the way in which people conduct business. With the iPad becoming increasingly popular the number of things users can do on the device is becoming astounding.  The iPad is favored by professionals due to the amount of business focused apps made specifically for the tablet.

Check out the top applications for your business:

1.     FatStax

FatStax 2.0 for iPad is a presentation application that allows users to browse and present individual items including PDF, PPT, Video, and 15,000+ product specs offline. For less than the cost of a single ad, a sales team can have their own personal iPad sales app that deploy mobile sales applications and generate ROI from iPads to improve sales. Regardless of the number of tablets being used, FatStax makes it easy to add your product information so it can be searched, presented, and sent. Even better, it works offline so the application can be used anytime and anywhere.

2.     iThoughts

An award winning application, iThoughts organizes the multiple thoughts, lists, and ideas users have jotted in various places into a streamlined single location. This mind-mapping app can be used for tasks lists, brainstorming, project planning, goal setting, concept mapping, and revisions and placing them all in an easy to find clearly labeled app.

3.     iAWriter

Named by Apple as one of the best Mac Apps, iA Writer is designed to keep users focused.  iA Writer boasts a “noise free writing experience” which blurs all text expect the past three lines, and allows for no spell check or toolbars to be used. iA Writer is also integrated with iCloud so all documents are updated on all devices.

4.     Easy Sign

Easy Sign is the quickest and easiest way to sign documents. Easy Sign provides its users with the freedom to sign important documents virtually anywhere.  Easy Sign eliminates the need for paperwork and allows for a simple electronic solution for businesses to obtain needed information without the hassle.

5.     CrashPlan

CrashPlan is a simple and free way to store your files and share them with multiple devices. CrashPlan allows its users cloud based backup to multiple locations providing heightened security. Now with a downloadable app, CrashPlan ensure all documents, photos, and presentations are secure. Devices equipped with CrashPlan backup all new or changed files automatically.

Did you know?

Large Quantity iPad Rental

You can rent Large Quantites of iPads?

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Renting a large quantity of iPads is a a great option if you need to put a lot of mobile devices in the hands of a lot of employees, for a temporary amount of time. For example, if your company is preparing to conduct a large project that requires your employees to keep track of information and stay networked with each other, it makes sense to rent the technology rather than buy it for such an ephemeral need. The kinds of projects that large quantity rentals are usually used for include Computer Training, Software Evaluation, Customer Survey Product Demo, or Inventory Projects.

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