ADP's HR Solution for SMBs in the Cincinnati Area

Friday, August 5, 2011
Posted by John Beagle

"In today’s increasingly complex regulatory landscape, small businesses are vulnerable to unintentional errors while administering HR functions."

TotalSource Reduces Complexities, Liabilities and Costs of Internal HR Management, So SMBs Can Focus on What They do Best

As SMB owners grapple with challenging and evolving regulatory compliance and health care reform requirements, ADP®, a leading provider of human resources outsourcing, payroll services, benefits administrationand integrated computing solutions for vehicle dealers,today announced the expansion of its TotalSourcebusiness solution in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.  ADP’s TotalSourcesm simplifies human resources management for businesses with an integrated service offering that incorporates payroll, benefits administration, risk management, tax and compliance functions.

ADP Announces Expansion of TotalSourceHR Outsourcing Solution for SMBs in Cincinnati, Ohio

In today’s increasingly complex regulatory landscape, SMBs are vulnerable to unintentional errors while administering HR functions.  Many of these errors carry potential legal and financial implications. ADP TotalSource helps mitigate these risks for small- to mid-sized business by serving as a Professional Employer Organization (PEO).  PEOs provide integrated services through a co-employment model where the client company continues to direct employees’ day-to-day, job-related duties, while the PEO contractually assumes certain HR-related rights, responsibilities and risks as the “employer of record” on an employee’s W-2.

“In a perfect world, small business owners would focus their time and energy on growing their business.  However, in the real world, business owners spend a significant amount of time every day struggling to comply with the increasing complexities being an employer,” said ADP TotalSource’s West Central Region General Manager Maria Black.  “ADP TotalSource helps business owners focus on what matters most to them because the intricacies of human resource management—including payroll, benefits, tax, insurance and compliance—are outsourced to ADP’s team of uniquely experienced human resource business partners.  We offer business owners peace of mind, while also freeing up time that can be dedicated to growing the business and developing employees.”

Black notes that recent economic indicators point to business and employment growth throughout the Cincinnati region. “As companies emerge from the recession, business owners today are demanding more than ever before from their human and financial resources.  This reality makes engaging a PEO an attractive and compelling business solution,” she adds.

The expansion of ADP TotalSource in Cincinnati builds upon the market-leading services that ADP already provides through its offices in Columbus and Cleveland, representing the leading metropolitan areas in Ohio.

“My company has grown from 40 to 80 employees, acquiring several competitors with employees in six states, and we’ve hired many others in the process.  ADP TotalSource handled all state, county and local taxes and certificates of doing business, making our growth an incredibly simple process,” said Leib Lurie, chief executive officer of Troy, Ohio-based One Call Now.  “With our dedicated TotalSource Human Resource Business Partner, managing employee issues—from counseling, improvement plans, job descriptions, ADA compliance, and clean handling of separation—have been smooth, professional and documented.  Our managers find HR administration simple and effective, especially so since we have many virtual employees and traveling employees.”

Through a PEO, businesses gain access to a larger suite of offerings when it comes to insurance and health benefits, which increases their ability to provide a more robust benefit offering better to help attract and retain employees.

Through a PEO, businesses gain access to a larger suite of offerings when it comes to insurance and health benefits, which increases their ability to provide a more robust benefit offering better to help attract and retain employees.  Other benefits realized by businesses using ADP TotalSource include professional development training, recruiting and new talent selection, and management of 401(k) retirement savings plans and administration.

“ADP TotalSource has also helped us on the health care front,” Lurie added. “Through the guidance provided by our HRBP, we were able to expand our coverage from "employee only" to an industry-leading plan that pays at least 80 percent of the health care costs for spouses and children, too, at a cost that was reasonable.  This has already made a huge payback in terms of employee recruiting and we expect it will help us maintain our low 4 percent employee turnover rate,” added Lurie.

A part of ADP’s Employer Services Division, ADP TotalSource is the nation’s largest PEO, operating more than 50 offices in 23 states, and serving more than 8,000 client companies with more than 200,000 worksite employees. Businesses taking advantage of the service are assigned an experienced ADP TotalSource Human Resource Business Partner who leads a team of experts drawn from the following areas: HR administration, benefits, payroll, risk management and safetyand regulatory compliance.

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