Blood is Every SMB's Business

Tuesday, February 26, 2019
Posted by Reagan Reeve

Urgent First Aid™ reminds businesses that blood can be a risk and a liability for employers in any and every field.

A finger with a papercut

While most SMBs know they must have fully stocked OSHA compliant first aid kits on hand no matter what line of business or how many employees are in the workplace, a vast majority do not understand that they have significant responsibilities regarding blood and spill cleanup as well.


OSHA requires workplaces to protect employees from blood or other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) exposure under 29CFR1910.1030(d)(3)(i). This OSHA code requires Blood Pathogen and Spill protection compliance with engineering controls and personal protective equipment for employees. This is required whether exposure to these substances if part of the employee's job description or even if it may occur as a collateral duty. This means that if a worker assists another worker or customer with a first aid injury, the company must have bloodborne pathogen spill supplies and personal protective equipment available.

First Aid Supplies

SMBs should have written policies and procedures in place for accidental employee exposure, and companies that have higher exposure risks often offer workers bloodborne pathogen safety training to assure OSHA compliance and avoid liability. Many safety training companies, like American CPR Training™, include basic BBP and Universal Precautions training in their CPR & First Aid courses as well.


While the risks of OSHA fines, employee disability/downtime, and potential civil liability are high when SMBs ignore these safety requirements; solutions are affordable and easily accessible. Urgent First Aid™ offers two made in USA Bodily Fluid Clean Up Packs / Bloodborne Pathogen Spill Kits at… one with added CPR pack, and both just $10-$20. Another solution is the best-selling BBP kit on Amazon available with Prime for under $15. Besides being US assembled, and complying with OSHA's 1910 requirements, these kits are complete and even offer simple step-by-step instructions for identifying and handling waste safely.


SMBs need not bleed fines or face risks and liability when Bloodborne pathogen safety solutions are readily at hand and affordably attained.