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Friday, April 30, 2010
Posted by Brawlin Melgar
Worldwide Adoption of Apps Surges - Conduit Drives 2.14 Billion Interactions with Branded Apps Every Month

More Than 19 New Users Join the Conduit Network Every Second, Making the Conduit App Marketplace the World's Largest with More Than 100 Million Active Users.

SAN MATEO, Calif.--Conduit, the company enabling SMB publishers to distribute their offering directly and through its global network of publishers, today released growth figures for the Conduit Network and the Conduit App Marketplace. According to the company, the Conduit Network of more than 220,000 publishers and 100 million active users is now growing by 19 new users per second, many of whom are SMBs (small to medium sized businesses). The company attributes this tremendous growth to an increase in the number and quality of web publishers of all sizes that are now leveraging its platform, including hundreds of large brands such as Major League Baseball, Travelocity, Fox News, Time Warner Cable, the National Hockey League, and thousands of smaller communities in more than 120 countries. 

The Conduit App Marketplace was launched in June 2009 to enable content providers and developers to distribute their apps to members of the Conduit Network. Ten months later, the Conduit App Marketplace is driving impressive results: Web publishers using the Conduit Marketplace deliver new apps to more than 75 million users on average each month. And in fact, more than 40 apps have more than one million active daily users. 
"Conduit is transforming the way online content is being shared and consumed," said Adam Boyden, president of Conduit. "The rapid growth of the Conduit App Marketplace and the Conduit Network is a testament to the power of instant communication and marketing based on constant engagement with users. Conduit is the world's largest platform for the creation and deployment of browser apps, and publishers of all sizes are seeing the economic advantages that this distribution method offers." 

Publishers that leverage the Conduit Platform to offer custom apps are reporting record high levels of engagement: Each month, Conduit web publishers are getting more than 21 additional unique activities from users of their branded apps; in total, over 2.14 billion user activities and brand interactions are generated across the network of 220,000 web publishers monthly. These actions are driving a variety of economic opportunities through increases in website traffic, ecommerce, search, subscriptions, affiliate marketing, and more. 

A few examples that demonstrate successful engagement and viral reach, for big brand and long-tail online marketers alike, include: 

1. Coke Zero/Avatar App: 24 hours after the first activation, this app was distributed to 1 million users in the Conduit Network. 10 days later the campaign had reached 8 million people in over 30 countries and generated nearly 1 million minutes of total viewing/engagement time. 
2. Users of Pitsi, a virtual pet mini-game that can be played from the chrome of the browser interacted with the game more than 66,000,000 times in the first ten weeks of the year. 
3. The eBay App in the Conduit App Marketplace generated more than 1 million active users in less than 3 weeks after launch. 
4. Mako, a production company that franchises the Big Brother TV show, reports that in the first 24 hours after deployment of the Big Brother Network App, more than 100,000 viewers added it to their browser. In addition, app users spent 90% more time on the site, had a 50% higher click-thru rate, and a much lower bounce rate than non-app users. 

The Conduit Network continues to be a hallmark of diversity, comprised of publishers that represent almost every vertical market segment -- from entertainment and retail to health and finance. For more information on how Conduit can help your organization increase exposure of your brand and acquire new customers, visit us at or write to us at

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