Maximizer CRM 11 for SMBs

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Posted by Brawlin Melgar

Maximizer Software Announces Maximizer CRM 11 with Industry’s First All-Inclusive Licenses for SMBs—Mobile, Web and Desktop

With Largest-Ever Customer Access Footprint, Maximizer CRM 11 Delivers Expanded Sales Performance, Business Intelligence and Better Web and Mobile Experience

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – March 29, 2010 – Unveiling its largest-ever customer access footprint through expanded web and mobile delivery, Maximizer Software Inc., a leading provider of simple, accessible customer relationship management (CRM) and mobile CRM solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and divisions of large enterprises, today announced the availability of its latest version, Maximizer CRM 11. As the first SMB-focused CRM provider offering an inclusive, all-access license model—encompassing mobile, web and desktop CRM access options—Maximizer’s newest version enables mobilized workforces to capitalize on business opportunities from any location. 

“In an environment where SMBs are continually pushed to do more with less while achieving demanding sales targets and operating as efficiently as possible, we developed Maximizer CRM 11 to give them a competitive edge and comprehensively support both their in-office and mobilized workforces,” said William Anderson, executive vice president of technology, Maximizer Software. “This version reflects a package of customer-driven features that deliver the flexibility to work where, when and how they prefer, while utilizing next-generation CRM tools that bolster the success of their sales, customer service and marketing initiatives.”

Expanded Web Access Reach and Marketing Capabilities Maximizer CRM now supports the Firefox web browser, which appreciably broadens its web access footprint beyond Microsoft® Windows®, to include both Apple (Mac) and Linux platform users. Additionally, full marketing campaign support via web access now enables marketing staff to send e-mail campaigns and track and report on results from anywhere. Action plan creation and access to the document library are also included in web access. 

"SMBs' continued demand for mobile CRM is becoming more critical as workforces are increasingly dependent on real-time access to a common data structure, regardless of where or when they work," said Barton Goldenberg, president and founder, ISM, Inc. "Maximizer CRM 11 is well-positioned to serve the SMB marketplace with enterprise-quality CRM tools that do the heavy lifting for the characteristic 24/7, on-the-go SMB by freeing their time to pursue and close deals while leveraging the latest customer data at their fingertips--on their desktop, laptop or mobile device." 

Powerful Sales Performance Management and Business Intelligence Tools Offering expanded sales force automation and business intelligence capabilities, Maximizer CRM 11 gives organizations increased visibility into actual performance for better evaluation and forecasting, as well as tools to proactively keep sales opportunities moving forward. 

For example, Sales Quota Management now gives managers real-time insight into sales performance, which enables them to determine accurate annual/monthly sales results for individuals, teams, or by territory, compared against sales quotas. Managers can monitor ongoing sales performance from their quota window or dashboard. Additionally, Sales Opportunity Monitoring allows sales teams and managers to proactively monitor opportunities and encourage forward progress during the sales cycle. Keeping managers in the loop, e-mail notifications can be scheduled to alert key personnel when an opportunity has been modified.

New wizard-driven dashboards enable executives and managers to monitor key performance indicators that matter most to them. Real-time indicators can be easily customized, reflecting the most meaningful data in real-time, including the ability to click through to a deeper level of information or view lists. Maximizer CRM 11 features a new, intuitive user interface based on Microsoft Office’s familiar “ribbon” style navigation found at the top of Microsoft Office applications. 

More End-to-End Mobile CRM Features
Delivered via BlackBerry® devices, Maximizer Mobile CRM gives professionals instant access to information in the field, including customers’ history, leads, sales opportunities, dashboards, customer service cases, documents, and schedules. New Maximizer Mobile CRM features include optimized usability, such as a redesigned interface, tighter integration with native BlackBerry applications, and more end-to-end features that enable deeper interaction with real-time customer data. Wireless synchronization is no longer required. Specific new offerings include:
Real-time access to content, documents and e-mail attachments housed in the central Maximizer CRM database
GPS functionality with turn-by-turn maps and navigation, which enables mobilized workforces to optimize their time on the road and get new directions on-the-fly if schedules unexpectedly change
Multimedia support for video, voice and images that can be easily saved to a current Maximizer CRM record
Mobile CRM multi-user support, which allows users to assign tasks, escalate cases, and assign opportunities to other colleagues without returning to the desktop application

According to Zina Oster, Pacific Northwest territory manager of Colonial Life, a US-based benefits solutions provider who previewed the newest version, "With the new, highly intuitive user interface, we expect dramatically increased adoption rates from our agents, particularly new agents. Most of our agents work on-the-fly rather than behind a desk, so the all-access mobility features will be especially critical for our sales organization in increasing productivity and sales without sacrificing time and losing momentum. Maximizer CRM 11 will fulfill our goal of using one turn-key system to comprehensively manage sales, marketing and customer service efforts."

Availability and Pricing
Offering streamlined and prioritized features based on full-scale user types, Maximizer CRM 11 is available in Group and Enterprise Editions. Orders may be placed directly from Maximizer or through its global network of business partners. New all-access license pricing, beginning at $699 MSRP per license for Maximizer CRM 11 Group Edition, includes desktop, mobile and web access, as well as one full year of inclusive upgrade assurance and technical support. Please inquire for full pricing and promotional offers valid until May 28, 2010.

About Maximizer Software
Maximizer Software is a leading provider of simple, accessible, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, providing high value for small and medium-sized businesses, and divisions of large enterprises. As a pioneer in the CRM industry for more than 20 years, Maximizer offers sales, marketing, and customer service staff and business leaders access to customer information through a Web browser, a mobile device or on their desktop. Maximizer’s CRM solutions enable organizations to accelerate business growth by centralizing customer information and streamlining processes, while exceeding client expectations. Maximizer Software has sold over one million licenses to more than 120,000 customers, ranging in size from entrepreneurs to multi-national organizations, including: Cathay Pacific, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, HSBC, Ipsos Canada, Oxford University, Siemens, Société Générale and TD Securities. Maximizer Software is a global business with offices and business partners throughout the Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa and Asia Pacific. For more information, please visit: