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Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Posted by John Beagle

by Joe Fahrner

Most SMB owners understand that they need to have a presence on Twitter.  But, if figuring out effective strategies to engage with potential customers can be difficult, here are three actionable steps you can take to kickstart your Twitter marketing strategy.

1. Promote your Twitter presence.  Like any direct response channel, Twitter can only be valuable if your customers know you are there.  Include your Twitter user name on your SMB cards, in your email signature and with any advertising you may do that includes contact information.  If you have a physical location, try promoting your Twitter account on your storefront or on customer receipts.  Offering special “Twitter Only” deals and specials can be a great incentive to turn your local customers into Twitter followers.

2. Think locally, but act globally.  While you may have a limited service area, such as your local community or a specific state or region, it does not mean that you can’t have a larger footprint on Twitter.  Try searching for Tweets that include keywords and phrases related to your products, services or general industry and engage with others as appropriate.  While not everyone you interact with on Twitter is a potential customer today, they may be in the future.  This strategy also helps you generate organic content in your Twitter feed, which will make you valuable to potential customers who find you on Twitter.

3. Let your personality shine through.  Many SMB owners take an overly formal tone when they start engaging with potential customers on Twitter.  Your SMB is an extension of you.  Don’t be afraid to let your unique personality and passion for your SMB shine through in your Tweets. 

Like many things, the hardest part about building a strong presence on Twitter is just getting started.  Why not make today the day that you unlock all the value that Twitter can offer your SMB?

Joe Fahrner is the CEO and Co-Founder of InboxQ, a free tool that delivers a realtime stream of questions related to your SMB, products, industry or general interests from Twitter directly to your browser.  Questions are the most powerful engagement opportunities on Twitter.  You can use your knowledge to help people while also identifying potential customers and earning targeted followers.  InboxQ is easy to use and totally free.  Visit http://www.InboxQ.comto learn more.

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