Creating a Memorable Business Sign for Your SMB

Friday, April 6, 2012
Posted by Brawlin Melgar

by Brandon Serna

Eye-catching business signs that attract attention are one of the quickest ways to attract new business. An effective sign makes an impression on a passerby, which can be remembered later when they’re in need of your SMB's products or services. Even if the passerby is not immediately aware of its effect, a great business sign burrows its way into the minds of the public like an impossibly catchy song.

You may need to break some rules to craft a truly powerful sign. Your primary focus is to grab ones attention and stand out from the rest. Here are some important aspects you need to be concerned with your business sign.

·       Sizing This needs to be visible by everyone, from someone driving home in their minivan to the person walking down the sidewalk, they need to notice you.

·       Contrast Choosing the right blend of colors is very important; this can either make your sign clear as day to read or completely illegible.

·       Simplistic Focus on making a clear reading sign, don’t mistake simple with boring, you can still make a creative and memorable sign that isn’t too busy and is easy to read.

·       Who you are For most of you, you don’t have a large household name for your brand, and you need to make sure the oblivious public knows what you do from your sign.

Even the most professionally crafted custom signs can’t garner attention if they're placed too high for motorists or pedestrians to see without craning their necks. Weather and time of day can also affect visibility, and consumers should be able to clearly read your signage at all times. Glares, lighting, and your sign's readability during rainy or snowy weather should all be taken into consideration.

Avoid the temptation to "get your money's worth" by cramming too much information onto your signs. No one will read more than a couple of large, clear lines of text. Your signs must also offer an obvious benefit to the reader. Your products or services may not be currently useful to a passerby. An effective sign, however, may ring a bell in his or her mind when circumstances change.

In many cases it can be very beneficial to help collaborate and work with a designer or a signage company to help refine and fine tune your efforts. Sometimes it’s only another set of eyes that can help you not look past a detrimental mistake that could have cost you a lot of time and money if you were to go through. Business signs are one of the most important business investments you'll make, so spending the extra time and research will pay off in the end.

Guest contribution by Brandon Serna on behalf of FASTSIGNS