SMB Marketing - Thinking Big in Small Ways

Friday, August 31, 2007
Posted by Andy Wendt

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The SMB Computer Rental recently took things one step further in their marketing efforts. For the first time they have developed a webpage for a 200 room hotel and conference center in San Antonio Texas. The page describes how the firm can provide short term Computer Rentals to the Hotel Contessa and the surrounding San Antonio community.


The concept of developing pages for specific venues is not new to Rent A Comptuer but never before have they done a page for a facility of this size. Though the Hotel Contessa does boast over 10,000 square feet of conference room space it is not in the same category as the firms traditional target convention centers which include the giants of the convention industry such as: The McCormick Place Conference Center in Chicago and the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando Florida.


Adam Lewis of  Xponex Web and Media Services, the firm that develops the site, says his client is always looking for verticals that can easily be dominated with a little effort. Lewis pointed out that if a firm like Rent A Computer wanted to push a computer rental page to the top of a Google search in the Chicago or Orlando market they would have to invest 10 times the labor and marketing expense as compared to a project like the Hotel Contessa rental page for San Antonio.


The potential lesson for the SMB community is that it is far cheaper and more efficient to diversify with more numerous, smaller, and more specific vertical marketing targets than it is to go after the few marekts that attract the attention of an entire industry.