SMB Time Management Calculator

Saturday, March 20, 2010
Posted by John Beagle
New SMB Time Management Tool Calculates Real-Time Cost of Business Meetings

Bring TIM! Meeting Cost Calculator Proves To Be Fun & Functional

(Bettendorf, Iowa) -- It's the first ever portable time management cost
calculator designed to provide a constant reminder for employees to stay on
topic and keep business meetings efficient and effective. Bring TIM! is a
sleek and easy to use meeting cost calculator and clock that shows the cost
of a meeting in progress.  Users simply enter the number of attendees,
estimate an average hourly rate and press the start button. This allows
Bring TIM! to prominently display the cost of every second ticking by.

Bring TIM! is a professional yet lighthearted consumer electronic device
that politely conveys that Time Is Money - the TIM in Bring TIM! The message
set forth is that when a company BRINGS this creative clock to a meeting,
they can help bring any painfully long business meetings to a succinct and
successful close. When people understand the cost involved in a single
business meeting, discussion becomes brief, topical and productive.

"Many people are frustrated by long, unproductive meetings. These meetings
are also expensive," says Brad Johnson, President & Founder of Bring TIM!
LLC. "Bring TIM! gives users the power to break the cycle and serves as a
friendly reminder to stay on track." Johnson created Bring TIM! out of his
own experience with business meetings that frequently ran four hours or
more. As Johnson sat through each meeting, he couldn't help but think of the
work piling on his desk and how much the meetings were costing the company.
He knew there had to be a solution.

Bring TIM! is priced at $24.99 + S&H, and can be purchased directly from