Two New Books Catalog Hundreds of Tax Deductions for Individuals and Small Businesses

Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Posted by Brawlin Melgar

"Encyclopedia of Individual Tax Deductions" and "A Simplified Guide to Small Business Tax Deductions " provide information on hundreds of potential tax deductions that are available to individuals and businesses, respectively, who are required to file federal income taxes.

Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) January 17, 2006 -- With millions of American taxpayers preparing to file their 2005 tax returns, now more than ever will they need to know what avenues are available to them to legally reduce their tax burdens and/or maximize their tax refunds. Unfortunately, while many of them are making their tax filing plans, they neglect several of the legal tax deductions they qualify to claim or have qualified to claim.

Encyclopedia of Individual Tax Deductions (2006 Edition) by Gladson I. Nwanna, (PhD). and A Simplified Guide to Small Business Tax Deductions by Gladson I. Nwanna, take the guesswork out of determining or exploring which expense items are tax deductible and which are not. Both the Individual Taxpayers and Business Taxpayers will benefit from the information contained in these books. Unlike other books on this subject, each of these books catalogs in a simplified format, hundreds of federal income tax deductions available to the individual taxpayers and business taxpayers.

According to Dr. Nwanna, "the additional unique features of these books is the format. For each deduction listed, readers are provided with (1) the Schedule or Form to use to claim the deduction, (2) additional information, tips and/or discussion concerning the particular deduction (3) IRS tax publications you may consult and use and (4) the Actual Line on the tax schedule or Form to claim the deduction."

Readers will also find these books useful and timely since they provide taxpayers with a checklist of a sort, and a readily available list of potential tax deductions that taxpayers can readily present and/or discuss with their tax preparer, tax accountants, tax advisers or financial advisers.

Besides including information on hundreds of potential federal income tax deductions Encyclopedia of Individual Tax Deductions and A Simplified Guide to Small Business Tax Deductions contain numerous references and resources that taxpayers can consult such as, Useful Addresses and Telephone Numbers, Tax Publications and Descriptions, Tax Publications and Topics discussed in them, Commonly Used Tax Forms, TELETAX Topics, TAXFAX, Nondeductible Expenses, Tax Credits, and Record Keeping.

Gladson I. Nwanna, Ph.D., is also the author of several other tax-related books including "A Citizen's Guide to Negotiating and Working Through Tax Problems with the IRS", "The History of Federal Income Tax and Facts the IRS Wants You to Know An Annotated Guide for Students and Adults", and    "A Citizen's Guide to Frequently Asked Tax Questions and the Answers the IRS Wants You to Know."
Dr. Nwanna is a professor of Accounting & Finance and a former consultant to the World Bank. Encyclopedia of Individual Tax Deductions and A Simplified Guide to Small Business Tax Deductions are published by Frontline Publishers, They are available at,, through major bookstores nationwide, or directly from the publisher at 410-922-4903. (Encyclopedia of Individual Tax Deductions, ISBN: 1-890605-39-5, 335 pages, Retail price $24.99); (A Simplified Guide to Small Business Tax Deductions, ISBN: 1-890605-40-9, 285pages, Retail price $39.99).

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