SMB Marketing: Donate to Help and Increase Sales

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Posted by John Beagle


Here is a story about a mom inventor who took her father’s health problems to create a product to help others in a similar situation. Additionally, this mom inventor donates many of her bags to those who are not financially able to buy one on their own.

Julie Gallegos of Salt Lake City, created WhatchyaGot bags and started a small business to help her father who was battling colon cancer and heart disease. He was finding it very difficult to keep his many vitamins and medications organized and easily accessible, WhatchyaGot bags offers an organized solution to this problem. 

Donating Bags to Help
Julie is devoted to fighting for these causes and is donating bags as well as 10% of all proceeds to help other patients and families going through this same struggle.

WhatchyaGot bags have 10 elastic loops inside, perfect for holding prescription and vitamin bottles while the two mesh pockets and large zipper compartment inside are ideal for holding any medical items.

WhatchyaGot bags also have an insulated zipper pocket for temperature control, great for creams and liquid medications. They can be carried by the handles or shoulder straps and each bag comes complete with a cell phone pocket and smaller zipper bag. WhatchyaGot bags are 11.75"X3.5"X8.5"H in size and come in several designs. For more information please visit,

Julie's SMB is also on Facebook:

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