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      Friday, October 19, 2018

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009
250 Update by Brawlin Melgar, Lead Publisher
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Hyper-local Commerce coming to the SMB Market

By Jessie Morgan

Tomorrow Adgregate Markets will announce it has partnered with to bring distributed commerce capabilities & affiliate marketing to SMBs.  Traditionally local businesses underestimate the value of online marketing and ecommerce because of its cost and complexity - Adgregate’s ShopAds platform is helping to change this mindset & close the technology gap between small and large businesses. 

Adgregate Markets and Bring Hyperlocal Commerce to the SMB Market

San Francisco, CA and Charlotte, NC, September 09, 2009 — Adgregate Markets, the leading transactional advertising company, has announced a partnership with (UBL). The partnership enables UBL to offer distributed commerce capabilities to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) using Adgregate's ShopAds™ technology. UBL currently provides SMBs with search engine optimization and online identity management services by managing the profiles of its clients in major search engines and online directories. By partnering with Adgregate, UBL can now expand its product offering by enabling online distributed commerce and affiliate marketing management for its SMB clients.
"Local businesses tend to underestimate the value of online marketing and ecommerce because of its cost and complexity," said UBL President, Chris Travers. “UBL and Adgregate are changing that mindset altogether with Adgregate's turnkey, simple-to-use ShopAds platform. We’re closing the technology gap between small and large businesses.”
Adgregate's Cloud Commerce™ platform and ShopAds technology are a comprehensive on-demand solution for companies of all sizes, and include online transactional display advertising, affiliate marketing management, and end-to-end media buying and selling. Cloud Commerce is a set of web services that enables companies to embed ecommerce technology in virtually any website or application. It provides a scalable platform that greatly simplifies ecommerce implementation amid rapidly shifting business needs.

With Adgregate, UBL now has a complete solution that helps businesses list and manage their online presence from a simple company profile all the way to hyperlocal ecommerce.  Adgregate and UBL reduce the cost and development time normally associated with creating an emerging online business to just minutes.

“Partnering with UBL allows us to offer our technology to an important market segment that otherwise is difficult to reach,” said Henry Wong, CEO, Adgregate. “Through our partner, UBL, SMBs now have access to powerful tools for increasing sales through ecommerce.”

UBL will be distributing Adgregate ecommerce products directly to SMBs and through UBL's extensive list of distribution partners, including telecommunications companies, banks, and other SMB service providers. Adgregate ecommerce products, including ShopAds, will continue to be available through Google’s DoubleClick, EyeWonder, Linkstorm, and other leading rich media advertising companies.

UniversalBusinessListing.Org is a Directory Industry service that allows businesses to post their business listing once and have it posted to all major Online Yellow Pages, Search Engines, 411 Directories and other vertical industry Directories. The Universal Business Listings are a service of Name Dynamics, LLC with offices in New York City and Charlotte, NC. It was founded by Media and Telecommunications veterans, Doyal Bryant and Chris Travers.

About Adgregate Markets Inc
Adgregate Markets is pioneering the world’s first fully transactional performance ad network, one that brings a frictionless shopping experience to consumers.  ShopAds™ guide prospective customers from the point of discovery to the point of purchase entirely within the innovative ad.  ShopAds are easily distributed through ad networks, blogs, and social networking communities simply by copying and pasting the widget code into any web environment.  Adgregate enables distributed commerce by helping advertisers easily turn banner ads into ShopAds.  Publishers can leverage Adgregate to enhance their advertising offering or become an affiliate by simply grabbing transactional ShopAds to publish on their sites.  Adgregate is a privately-held company based in the San Francisco Bay Area and is venture-backed by leading investors. For additional information, please visit

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