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Wednesday, April 22, 2009
Posted by John Beagle

by Mark Riege:

This should be of interest to the mobile workforce who use laptop computers because it reduces the need for company data storage. This is just as beneficial to SMBs as it is for large corporations, governments and school districts.

Magic Softworks Launches Premium Online Backup Service for the Mobile Workforce
Magic's online backup service for organizations with mobile workers offers ease-of-use, low cost and an IT Admin Console.

WESTMINSTER, CO, April 22, 2009 - Magic Softworks, Inc. today launched its Premium Backup Service for mobile PCs and office desktops.  IT Administrators who are responsible for deploying, maintaining and backing up remote and travelling user's laptops, now have an easy-to-use, easy-to-administer, low-cost solution for laptop data retention and file recovery/disaster recovery.

"Our Premium Backup Service fills an important role for IT Administrators who are supporting remote and mobile computing, as well as desktops in the office," said Edwin Harper, Chairman and CEO for Magic Softworks.  "We have configured this low-cost service to give the IT Administrator visibility and control over PC backups, yet a painless, virtually invisible user interface for remote workers."

Marty Sellers, Director of IT at Synapse Wireless, is an early stage user of Magic's Premier Backup Service.  "The main attraction to Magic is that it backs up users' laptops when they are travelling.  They visit customers and are constantly updating their project documents and software application files.  Before Magic, they would have to come back into the office to have their backups done.   Now, the new files are backed up whenever they log into the Internet, and there is nothing they have to do to make that happen.  Basically they 'set it and forget it'.   The free-trial download and installation was very easy, in fact automatic. The users were pretty happy with the files that the software selected to back up.  But Magic is flexible enough that we can change those and/or tag additional folders to be backed up.  Users like it because it is easy to use and works behind the scenes.    As the IT Administrator, I have visibility to their usage with Magic's Management Console.     I can see who is using it, how much space they have used, and when they last plugged in to back up their computer.  That gives me an idea if someone is having trouble and helps me protect company assets."

Magic Backup's Premium Business Service offers a simple-to-use but feature-rich web based Management Console that IT Administrators can use to manage the back-up process for any computers in the organization, including the following capabilities:

-          Federated/self service provisioning of users and passwords,

-          Enable/disable individual PC backups and downloads,

-          Automatic backup status monitoring and email alerts,

-          Management reports summarizing backup activity for all protected PCs.

-          Security procedures including controlled restore access and password expiration policies.

-          Data encryption on a redundant data storage system to protect from unauthorized access, but ensuring availability.

Customers who sign up for the service during the month of May 2009, will receive unlimited storage for a cost just over $2 per month per user, when purchased as a yearly subscription.   To take advantage of this limited time offer or to download and try Magic Backup free for 15 days, visit
About Magic Softworks, Inc.

Magic Softworks, Inc. is a privately held company dedicated to providing a premier lineup of online backup products and services to home and small business customers.  Magic Backup is the initial offering from a line of backup products and services being developed.  Magic Backup comes with a robust set of unique features including easy installation, zero configuration, simple restore, file versioning, deleted file protection and easy access to backed-up files from any Web browser.  Magic Backup also features an advanced throttling technology which allows it to perform continuous automatic backup without interfering with the normal use of the computer.   To contact Magic Softworks, please visit

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