SMB Advice: Never Stop Advertising 5

Friday, October 19, 2007
Posted by Bill Rogers
1) Every day a customer doesn't hear about you they hear about someone else.

There's a great reason for why all of the biggest most well known companies in the world still spend hundreds of millions annually on advertising. Even if everyone in the world already knows your name, you have to keep it fresh on their mind. You can bet that every day the average person doesn't see an ad for an Xbox they saw one for a Playstation, and vice versa.

2) Name association.

When a customer thinks of a product that you sell, you want your name to be subconsciously connected to it.

3) When shopping for more expensive items, customers often take their time.

Who do you know that decides they need a new computer, heads to the store and buys one on the spot? Customers will often look around, study the market and do some research before settling on something that will cost them hundreds of dollars.

4) Customers come and go.

This applies to local advertising especially. Old customers may leave town, and new customers may move into town. A well advertised sale yearly works well to bring in the new customers.

5) Your customer base changes daily.

Unless you're slinging fast food you're not going to have the same customers coming back every week. Joe picked up a new laptop last week, he's set for awhile. Pete just decided he needs a new one. Stay visible.