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Tuesday, May 12, 2009
Posted by Brawlin Melgar

WAYNE, PA - May 7, 2009 - TME Communications, a full-service marketing communications firm, has been providing small and mid-sized businesses an alternative to growing their internal marketing using its employee-like "Remote Cubicle" Marketing model - either as a all-inclusive role or to complement internal resources responsible for corporate and product communications and creative services.Using TME's "Remote Cubicle" Marketing model, clients engage TME like an employee but pay only a fixed monthly fee that combines well-defined turnkey programs with flexible hours of creative services for ad-hoc sales support. Clients gain a diverse and responsive team typically for the cost of one employee.

Components of the model include:  a dedicated, hands-on project manager with complete command of clients' content; an active project plan; a pool of creative talent; ongoing strategic kickoffs; regular status sessions, coordination of all sales and marketing activities; and brand management.

In addition to a core team of technical and promotional copywriters and print and interactive designers, TME's project management practices and vast network of creative professionals allow for high volume, integrated marketing initiatives across many client accounts.

Clients Speak Out:

  • "TME knows our business, our buyers, and can balance many projects, from strategic branding initiatives to quick sales support tactics," explains Marybeth Profrock, Vice President of Marketing and Partner Sales at Anexinet. "TME's employee-like mentality fits our 'need it now' culture." Anexinet is $50 million systems integrator and technology management company, and has been a TME client since 2003.
  • "Outsourcing our marketing required a blend of product launch experience, creative services and the flexibility to collaborate across time zones in Australia and San Francisco," explains Martyn McKean, Chief Executive Officer at Intermine. "TME's hands-on approach is a perfect fit." Intermine is a global software company that specializes in storage management solutions for enterprises that manage large volumes of data files. Intermine has been a TME client since 2008.
  • "Having daily access to a marketing team that could work proactively with our remote sales team and Virginia-based R&D facility is critical and what makes TME valuable to our organization," explains Chris Randazzo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Phoenix Integration. Phoenix is a software company that specializes in multidisciplinary design optimization for engineers in the conceptual and preliminary stages of product design and systems analysis. Phoenix has been a TME client since 2006.
  • "TME complements our internal staff as a lead, advisor, or resource, which helps us to execute our full marketing plan," explains Donna Milewski, Sr. Vice President of Sales Operations at Analytical Graphics Inc (AGI). "In our 20 years, we shied away from external marketing and creative support, but have found a strategic partner with TME." AGI is $50 million software company that specializes in commercial software for aerospace engineers. AGI has worked with TME since 2007.
  • "TME distills complex information into spot-on messaging and awareness programs that our scientific and business audience can easily grasp," explains Bob Toal, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at MODA. "Most importantly, TME offers the flexibility that many early stage companies need to grow." MODA is software company that specializes in automating environmental monitoring, product and utility testing using a paperless solution. MODA has been a TME client since 2007.
  • "TME can shift from assisting executives with strategic branding and PR guidance to helping marketing managers more-effectively communicate to our target audiences," explains Tony DeMarco, CEO at PRICE Systems. PRICE Systems is a software company and former Lockheed Martin business that specializes in cost estimating and analysis for program/project managers across the aerospace and defense industry. PRICE Systems has been a TME client since 2003.
Having held corporate marketing roles for startups to large global enterprises, TME is equipped to adapt to any corporate culture. Like an employee, TME uses its expertise to fully understand a client's business, sales process and customers' purchasing influencers, and collaborates in full alignment with executive teams and sales/marketing managers using proven, proactive project management methods. TME's high-tech industry insights and resources convert complex subjects and ideas into easy-to-understand market messaging and execute highly targeted promotional programs.

"Traditional marketing and ad agencies cannot support the steady flow of tactical sales support on very short notice that is most critical for small and mid-sized businesses, nor able to keep up with the daily adjustments," explains Jim Tagliaferri, Founder and Creative Director at TME. "Our clients serve well-defined markets that we are very familiar with, and they need a partner, not a vendor, that can learn their business and buyers quickly; collaborate and think on their feet; and limit their time spent in the process - basically a proactive team who is in the know of their daily business operations and not just taking orders."

TME has a strong regional network consisting of clients, clients' partners and business customers, and former colleagues from their corporate experience. From its referral network, TME has been engaged by IBM, MapQuest Business Solutions, Northrop Grumman, and the Department of Defense (DoD).

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