SendStuffNow for SMBs with Windows Phone 7

Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Posted by John Beagle

SendStuffNow for Windows Phone 7 enables SMBs to make their businesses more mobile by allowing easy, secure file transfers and collaboration on the go – SendStuffNow is much easier and more seamless than FTP transfer.

As the use of cloud-based file sharing continues to grow, Smith Micro in bringing essential functionality to what analysts predict will be the fastest-growing platform for smartphones.



First Mobile File Transfer Service For Windows 7 Smartphones Allows Users to Quickly Send and Manage Large Files via the Cloud

ALISO VIEJO, CA – March 2, 2011 – Smith Micro Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMSI), a leading developer and marketer of software solutions and services for the mobility market, today launched SendStuffNow™ for Windows Phone 7 Smartphone devices. . SendStuffNow is a cloud-based managed file transfer service that ensures the secure delivery of files too large to send via email. On the desktop SendStuffNow integrates directly with Microsoft Outlook to provide users with a secure and easy to use alternative to FTP when transferring large files. With the addition of the Windows Phone 7 client, SendStuffNow users can now manage their file delivery tasks while on the go. The app tracks the status of pending file deliveries, allows additional users to access files that have already been uploaded and accepts photos, videos and documents found on a user’s device.  

Leveraging Windows Phone 7’s unique sideswipe user interface (UI), SendStuffNow offers a powerful set of tools for better control of important file transfers between family, colleagues and friends. Once the application is launched, users select the video, document or image file to be shared. The file is uploaded to the SendStuffNow cloud, whist an invitation to download the file is sent via email to the recipients specified by the user. Recipients of the file then click on a link embedded in this invitation email to download through a web browser, ensuring the safe delivery of documents up to 2GB in size. Recipients are not required to create an account, and do not need to download any special software to access files transferred via the SendStuffNow service.
“By announcing the first cloud-based mobile file transfer service available on Microsoft’s new mobile platform, we fill an important void for mobile professionals, IT administrators and consumers,” said Matthew Covington, Senior Director of Product Management for Smith Micro’s Productivity and Graphics Group. “We’re excited to address this new market, and are happy to address a larger user base as part of our strategy to provide secure file transfer services to every mobile user. We look forward to bringing additional functionality throughout 2011.”

The SendStuffNow application leverages Smith Micro Software’s more than 20 years of experience in file compression and encryption, offering cutting-edge, file-level encryption technology to address concerns regarding the security of cloud-based file transfer solutions. SendStuffNow offers AES 256bit encryption of both Zip and StuffIt archives due to its use of the StuffIt® compression engine. In addition to providing file-level encryption to protect data at rest in the cloud, SendStuffNow uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt all communications between the server, clients and web browser. SendStuffNow’s robust administrative tools allow for better compliance and control of files, an important capability for businesses and enterprises.

SendStuffNow is also available for Android, iPhone and iPad devices, with BlackBerry support planned for late 2011. SendStuffNow can be integrated directly into Microsoft Outlook on the Windows desktop, or can be accessed from a secure web portal.

Visit to try the service. For sales inquiries, send an email to or call 1-877-781-8284 or 1-949-362-2326.

About Smith Micro Software, Inc.:
Smith Micro Software, Inc. develops mobile applications and solutions for the communications industry.  Our portfolio of products and services spans Connectivity Management, Communications and Content Management solutions. Smith Micro’s solutions include client and server software applications to help its customers manage their software investments.

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